Any working group on Physics Education in Latin-American region which is interested in its goals can belong to LAPEN. A Physical Education Working Group that wants to belong to LAPEN must do the following:

1. The responsible of the working group should contact with a member of LAPEN Coordinator Committee and expose to him the desire of participate in the network. Also, the following aspects should be sent:

2. Institution or organization which the working group belong.

3. Name, surname, academical or scientifical grade, electronical and, postal address of the head of the working group, and his Curriculum Vitae in no more than 250 words.

4. Main working aspects of the group.

5. Main results of the working group in the last three years.

6. WEB site, in the case that working group has.

7. The Coordinator Committee will send a notification with the acceptation of the working group in LAPEN.

8. The working groups of LAPEN in each country should be organized in chapters with the name of the country. Each chapter should have a Coordinator who represent it.